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Welcome to Wholesale Directory's Wholesale Opportunity!

Wholesale Directory offers wholesale opportunities to new and established wholesalers and merchants. Whether you are a wholesaler looking for new products to resell to other merchants or you are a merchant looking for new products for your store you can rely on us. With moderate pricing and simple processes we make buying in bulk at discounted prices simple, fast and efficient. We try our best to let our customers know every detail about how we operate and how we can help you increase the quantity of merchandise in your product line with little to no hassle.

“Offering you a cost effective way to enhance your product line and your business.”

We pride ourselves on our free wholesale opportunity services and making sure our current and future customers are truly satisfied with all that we offer. We want your business and whether you are a one time order customer or wish to continue with Wholesaler Directory/Wholesaler Outelt as a customer for future products we will do our absolute best to make your experience with us a pleasure.

“Dedicated to customer and product satisfaction and providing an enjoyable and efficient experience.”

Wholesale Directory offers connections to millions of quality products of all kinds from linens and furniture to computers and plasma TV's by way of our entirely free directory. Connections are too many well-known and trustworthy stores including our own. Are in-stock status is 100% and we have little limits to the quantity of items you desire to purchase.

“We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and our affiliates products free or not.”

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