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Scientific Evidence Pacific Ocean - Mu

by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD


In the 1930's, soundings of the Pacific by Capt. Claude Banks Mayo of the U.S. Navy shows that there is "a submerged continent, with mountains, river courses and plateaus at an average depth of one mile stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the Barin Islands, east of the coast of Japan."  At 2000 km wide and 2 km high the southern part of the east Pacific Rise is one of the largest oceanic rises in the world in which may suggest evidence of a possible ancient continent in the Pacific.  This was stated by W.H. Menard, an oceanographer, in "Development of Median Elevations in Ocean Basins" (1958, Geol. Soc Amer. Bull., Vol. 69, pp.1179-1186):  He also stated that observations do not rule out the possibility that broad rises may be temporary features which are elevated and then subside." I agree with some of the logistics of Col. James Churchward, Anglo-American explorer and author, advanced a theory of gas-belts crisscrossing the earth, and chambers between layers of granite rock within the lithosphere. He averred the formation and collapse of these chambers, in some cases were responsible for the raising of certain mountain ranges, volcanic eruptions, and sinking of land masses.

Churchward cites sources such as the Troano Manuscript and old Egyptian writings describe this process and so far it seems modern science has indeed caught up with about eighty percent of his thesis. Now there was also the discovery of a vast layer of "clean white ash" on the Pacific floor a few hundred miles from Central and South America extending 750 miles west and 825 miles south of the equator (N.Y. Times of 4/12/59).  E. Anders and D.N. Limber ("Origin of the Worzel Deep-sea Ash" in Nature, Vol. 184) believe the....... Read the rest, Buy now for only $4.99.