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    Empathy is the psychical influnce of emotional transference and flow via experient influence over mental and physiological states associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behavior. It is an experient of empathic phenomena’s natural endowment in which enables their influence over emotion whether phenomena is the result of conscious or subconscious performance. Both modern philosophers and scientists continue the struggle to define what emotions are. A variety of possible answers are that they might be physiological processes, perceptions of physiological processes, neuro-psychological states, adaptive dispositions, evaluative judgments, computational states, social facts, or dynamical processes. Whether emotions can be defined as objects or an effect of objects is inconclusive. As I have mentioned prior, I postulate that thought, and in addition here, emotion, despite the current incapability of brining an emotion “to rest,” which  is required to submit a single thought to examination, does have measureable mass as emotion appears capable of moving in waves in which implies mass. The motion of implied mass therefore suggests psychokinesis as the mechanism of empathic influence. In conclusion, I define emotions to be subjective objects in which can stimulate specific psychological and physiological states and that empathic phenomena is most comprehensive when cognitive and social approaches are incorporated....

    (Adapted from the book "Empathy: A Quantum Approach" by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly)


    Telepathy: A Quantum Approach
    by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly
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    About the Author

    Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

    Professor of Psychical Studies at the University of Alternative Studies

    Director of Research and Development for QP Psychical Research.

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    A Textbook of the University of Alternative Studies. This textbook, written by bestselling author and metaphysicist Dr. Theresa M. Kelly, offers you straightforward, honest explanations of telepathy through new research initiatives in parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and related subjects for a semi-technical audience. Whether you are an intelligent layperson or professional curious about telepathy, or looking to discover how to utilize telepathy, this textbook will provide a detailed framework, without complicated equations, onto which more advanced concepts can be applied. For students of Telepathic Studies, this textbook will be a revelation of what actions and influences you are involved in and exactly how you can take your telepathic ability to a completely new level step-by-step. (Includes: Models, Definitions, Descriptions, Techniques, and Therapeutic and Experimental Practical Applications.)

    Chapter Overview:

    • Models of Psi Mediation - Classical and Quantum Approaches

    • Models of the Experiential Phase of Psi - Quantum Mechanical and Cognitive Aspects

    • Models of Extrasensory Perception - A Quantum Mechanical Approach to ESP Phenomenology

    • Models of Telepathy I - Association and Phenomenology

    • Models of Telepathy II - Intentional Telepathic Experiences and Techniques

    • Models of Telepathy III - Therapeutic and Experimental Applications

    • Psychical Profiling - Psychical, Psychological, and Physiological Health

    • Meditation - Enhancing Skill Through Psychophysiological Well-Being

    • Psychical Ethics - Morality and Ethics: What They Are and Why They Matter
    Digital (PDF) Edition Paperback Edition
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    Telepathy is the psychical influence of thought via experient influence over the biological basis of consciousness and the mental process by which we perceive, act, learn and remember; Including mental forms and processes such as the nervous system in which processes and transmits information. Characteristically, people are dynamic information-processing systems whose mental operations can limitedly be described in computational terms as the mind has demonstrated its capacity to store and process visual, auditory, and basic arbitrary packets of information. Experients of telepathic phenomena express influence in regards to the creation, transference, modification, and deletion of single and multiple information packages.

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