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Home Insurance - Ways to Find Discount Home Owners Insurance
by: Marvin Toller

If you are looking for a cheap home owners insurance, you often have to compromise with the price; the more expensive the better policy. Although this is the main rule, there are some exceptions. One of these exceptions is discount home owners insurance. How do you find it?

Have You filed claims the last couple of years?

If you haven't filed any claims for a couple of years or so, you might be able to save some money to the tune of 15% on your premiums. Also, if you use the same insurance company for a couple of years, that will also look good and you can save bucks.

Why Not Get Multiple Policies From The Same Provider

It might be a great solution to get it all together ? auto, home, health, travel and whatever other coverage you need to get under the same company, you can save lots. This can chop off a wopping 10-15% of your premium. All it takes is just a little bit of planning!

Are You Protected?

It's standard for many companies to offer you a discount if you have things like burglar alarms or smoke detectors installed. You might also have one that is connected to a third party monitoring company. That will save you even more bucks.

Know Where The Nearest Fire Station Is

There are a few things in terms of location that can alter your premiums. If you live far from a fire station or fire hydrant, you'll normally have to pay more. The opposite is the case If you live within the city limits; them you will pay less on your premiums, compared with living out in the sticks.

The Building Materials of Your House

What your house is made if will actually make a difference in how much you pay. For example, wood houses carry higher premiums than good, solid concrete structures.

Higher Payments On The Deductible

If You can afford it, you should pay as much as possible on your deductible, thus your premium will be lower. If you are able to pay something like $200 or $1000, you can bring that premium down as much as 20%!

Stop Smoking!

Non-smokers will save cash; even as much as like 15% in many cases. Check out if the company you use offers a deal for non-smokers.

Now, after I have provided you with a few pointers to help you save cash on your house you might be ready to buy your home owners insurance. Anyway, you should consult your agent. Most insurance agents also know of some tricks to get you out of paying piles of cash.



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