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Obtaining Unsecured Personal Loans Even With A Bad Credit Score
by: P. A. Davis

When a person has a bad credit score, he or she may feel that obtaining unsecured personal loans is a total impossibility. Yet, in actuality, it is not. One should not just throw one’s hands in the air in despair, and resort to mental and financial misery. In the United Kingdom, nearly one of every four people have some type of poor credit history, perhaps due to late bill payments, arrears, defaults, County Court Judgments (CCJ’s), or even bankruptcy. Sometimes bad credit can even be traced back to a clerical error or identity fraud. These past discrepancies may be the deciding factors that bring about a poor credit report for an individual. Consequently, with that bad credit score, a person seeking a loan, is likely to be turned down by conventional lenders. But a person’s search for financial deliverance should not end there, even if he is down on his luck, and there seems to be no way out of the black hole of personal debt.

One should not despair about acquiring a personal loan, even with that “dreaded” bad credit score, because there are companies that specialize in loans to people who have previously been turned down by other types of lenders such as High Street bankers. Indeed, if someone rents a flat and is not a homeowner, with no equity, the future must seem rather bleak when trying to obtain a personal loan. Happily, there are independent brokers who do find loans for people who want to break out of the cycle of credit card or other type of debt. Unsecured personal loans can be a person’s light at the end of the tunnel of personal debt, mainly through the consolidation of many debts.

A poor credit loan might be needed for other reasons. The purchase of an automobile for work or for personal use is a legitimate expense. Perhaps there is an upcoming wedding with reception and honeymoon costs approaching in the near future. Maybe a holiday in a warm climate is desired. Certainly needing funds for starting a new business would constitute reasons for a loan. Cosmetic surgery, or the payment of other medical bills both may require funds.

The companies that offer unsecured personal loans are even available online, with applications that can be quickly filled out on a personal computer, while sitting in one’s own home, or even at a Wi-Fi coffee shop. In many cases, the application is so user-friendly, that it can be finished while sipping a cappuccino! Although most of the loans that are granted are for debt consolidation, the before-mentioned reasons for obtaining a loan have merit as well. Whatever the need, the loan that can change a person’s life may be available to the person with a bad credit score, but one will never know unless he or she makes that initial inquiry! It may only be the completion of a one-page application to find out for sure.

Loan applications from UK Council Tenants, Housing Association Tenants, Private Tenants, and MOD Tenants, are generally welcomed. It really doesn’t matter what the residential status of a client might be, and truly home-ownership is not the only criteria that is used to determine the granting of a loan. Additional personal facts such as employment or other assets count as well. Actually, loans to tenants are much more common than the average flat resident might expect.

Tenant loan companies specialize in sourcing loans from £250 to £25,000 for any legitimate purpose. Millions of pounds every month are lent to thousands of people who complete the simple application forms, and consequently, find their loan requirements answered by a large range of financial products. There are even loan establishments that forego, completely, any upfront fees for the service. Clients can often apply online for a same day decision. Why should someone wring his hands monthly over the myriad number of bills that appear in the letterbox, when financial aid is merely a brief application away?

With a reputable loan company for tenants, there is no obligation to proceed beyond the initial application, if this is the wish of the client. So no risk or confidentiality is at stake. Indeed, every application should be regarded with the utmost confidence. No bank, employer, other individual, or institution would be contacted without the expressed permission of the person inquiring about the loan.

Operating costs are kept to a minimum at online loan companies by handling as many inquiries as possible, via e-mail and text messages. One can go to websites, 24/7, and apply during one’s own non-working hours for a personal loan, without having to meet at an inconvenient time in someone else’s office.

What a relief it will be for that person who has been weighed down by personal debt, to be able to throw off that burden, even though there was a poor credit score in his or her history! That freedom from creditors can be a mere few minutes of computer work away with unsecured personal loans. The final questions one should ask oneself are, “Can I afford not to seek financial help? Isn’t it better to place a foot on the terra firma of an online lender rather than to be struggling forever for a toehold in the quicksand of oppressive personal debt?”



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